Monalisa Luxury Whirlpool Hot tub Home spa Massage Bathtub Outdoor Spa for 5 Persons

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Size: 300x220x98CM


1) Outdoor SPA with CE and RoHS
2) American Aristech acrylic(NO. 1 Imported manufacturer)
3) Luxury components, such as TV, DVD, Waterfall
4) Hot tub with good massage, big power
5) Best pump in China
6) 20 years' experience





Monalisa whirlpool spa


Rated Voltage: AC 220V / 110V


Bottom Lamp Horsepower: 3W

Rated Frequency: LF50HZ/ 60HZ

Product Size: 3000 x 2200 x 980 mm

Control Circuit Voltage: DC12V

Packing Size: 3100 X 2300 X 1080 mm

Water Pump Horsepower: 3*2HP

Volume: 7.7 Cubic Meter

Heater Horsepower: 3000W



Water pump (3HP):2pcs


Water pump(2HP):2pcs

Water pump(0.5HP):2pcs

Total jets: 111pcs

Air pump(400W): 1pc

3 inch jets: 9pc

Paper element filter: 1pc

2.5 inch jets: 14pcs

USA Ozone-sterilization: 1pc

2 inch jets:69pcs

USA Heater(3KW): 1pc

Air jets: 7pcs

USA Balboa Control Panel:1pc

Bottom light(3W): 1pc

Pillow: 6 pcs

Water pipe & valve: 1batch

Plastic hem: 1set

Drain on skirt: 1pc

2 inch diversion:1pcs

Air diversion:5pcs


Small LED:24pcs

Big LED:1pc

Pop-up Speakers:4pcs

Fountain with light:2pcs

Insulation on the tub:1 set




1. Heating system


5. Circulating filtration system

2. illumination system

6. Air froth system

3. massage jet system

7. Computer control panel

4. Ozone disinfection system






 Advantages(Selling points)

1. Acrylic is imported from USA. Compared to most of the suppliers in China, our acrylic is thicker and stronger. 5 years warranty for the acrylic of outdoor spa.

2. Water pumps is the best brand in China. Safe, strong power and long service time. Certainly, it's very expensive than the common one. Some suppliers making outdoor spa use some common water pump, just for a cheaper price. We won't do it.

3. Our support layer of the outdoor spa is more thicker, and use high-density glass fiber reinforced plastics materials. To make the spa bathtub stronger.

4. Jets of the outdoor spa. We use the best jets from the best China supplier. The stainless will be thicker, and massage function is better. Certainly the service life is longer, too.

5. The control system. Our control systems used in the longe outdoor spa, more than 5 meters long, are BALBOA system. This is the most advanced system for the outdoor spa. Safe and longer service time.




Acrylic Color




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-------why Monalisa--------


1. Global famous brand


2. High quality ensure and reasonable price


3. Professional service&working attitude


4. Outstanding shape of models


5. Experienced technician and workers




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